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Alex Mecum in gay action again

alex‘The Gay Office’ gives you this next episode and talked about hardcore series going at the moment thanks to This episode stars Alex Mecum as the good looking uniformed policeman, and Tony Milan who was being held hostage by Theo Ford in series 2.
Tony Milan is a handsome hunk with hair all over the place and a couple of tattoos. He is versatile with a seven and a half inch uncut cock and has got thick wet lips made for cock sucking , and a wonderful tight asshole. He has jet black hair ‘Come to bed’ brown eyes and is five feet eight inches high. Tony has starred in only three other flicks for so far and they are ‘Forbidden’ parts 2 and 3, and ‘criminal Lovers Part 2’
Alex Mecum
Alex Mecum is a cute young versatile bottom with light brown hair and blue eyes. He has a lean smooth body and an eight inch cut cock. Alex has starred in fourteen hardcore flicks foe since he first started with them back in February 2013 where over 67,000 horny men watched him getting his ass fucked hard by Paddy O’Brian and Paul Walker in ‘Mates Part 3’
A policeman, played by Alex Mecum, turns up and has a good look around what looks like an empty warehouse after getting a phone call. He takes his gun out and carries on searching in every corner until he gets a shock as he sees Tony Milan wearing just a pair of underpants and is licked inside a cage. All Alex knows about him is that he has been held a hostage, and that’s all. He runs to his aid and as he undoes his cage and sets him free he tells Tony that he is safe now, and asks if he is hurt. Tony tells him he is ok and Alex calls it in on his radio. Alex is very good and gentle with him and tells him he is safe now, and that he will be fine.
As they stay squatting on the ground they look into each other’s eyes and they start kissing. Tony undoes Alex’s police uniform and lets his pants fall to the ground around his ankles. Alex is standing as Tony takes his eight inch cock into his mouth and sucks on his dick. Alex groans with pleasure as Tony manages to take the whole length of his cock to the back of his throat and then kisses his smooth muscular body all the way up to his face, where they both kiss again and stroke each other’s cocks.
Tony sits down on the cage he was held captive in and Alex goes down, still with half of his uniform on, and returns the favour by sucking on his cock. He stays there for a while making Tony growl with extreme pleasure as he works his cock up and down. They strip of the rest of their clothes and after Tony has sucked on Alex Mecum’s cock once again Tony bends over the cage with one foot raised up on it, and the other one on the ground.
Alex spreads Tony’s firm butt cheeks wide open and buries his tongue firmly into Tony’s tight crack. Tony holds firmly onto the wire cage as Alex smacks his ass gently and spits into his asshole where his tongue circles around his twitching hole and then further in. Alex stands up and as Tony stays in the same position, and saliva drips from his excited asshole, Alex pushes his condom covered dick right up, deep into Tony’s asshole. The camera zooms in so close you can almost smell the smoke coming off the condom as Alex batters Tony’s crack with his cock.
Both men cry out as their excitement builds up and whilst Tony Malan is still getting fucked hard and fast, his hot cum streams out on to the floor below him. Alex Mecum then sits on top of Tony and Tony watches as Alex cums over his hairy body.
Alex leans over panting and as they kiss Tony’s hand goes on the ground and grabs Alex’s gun, He pulls it up to Alex’s head as they carry on kissing, and the screen goes black and we hear the sound of the gun going off. Join Alex on twitter – click here

Gay Male Sex Office

Would you like to know what the greatest job on the planet happens to be? It is serving as the receptionist in a hotel which uses CCTV cameras to monitor guest activity, because it means that not only is there always something exciting happening, you always get a front row seat.

For a voyeur, there is nothing quite like it. Plus, when a couple of hot studs like Rocco Read and Johnny Ryder show up and ask to rent a hotel room, it is easy to decide what to watch on ‘the tube’ tonight.

The receptionist is visibly ruffled as the guys make their way to his desk. He finds it hard to stop staring at Rocco, and is it any surprise? With that rough and ready attitude, mixed with a boy-next-door vibe, he is the perfect blend of muscular brawn and swaggering posture – except we don’t know that quite yet, not until we get his shirt off.

This scenario is part of the Gay Office, so the guys rock up to the hotel in fancy suits, looking like the ultimate sex-ecutives. They get down to business right away, having barely stepped through the doorway before they are all over one another.

They stumble into the bedroom, with hands and mouths moving quickly, and the hotel receptionist takes his chance to have a peek at the CCTV display. As shirts fall to the floor, and gym-honed torsos appear, so too do the impressive bulges of both guys. They tear at belts, shoelaces, and socks, then Rocco folds his lips around Johnny’s cock.

The two studs are down to nothing but their boxers and their office ties, which have somehow escaped the frenzied undressing. Now, gay male Rocco gets the treat, as Johnny toys with his big hard cock. He encircles it with his mouth, runs his tongue down its length, goes deep throat, and continues to tease it until Rocco slides his own underwear off, and turns to his toned ass.

We get to enjoy the sight of Rocco using his tongue and his fingers on Johnny, in gloriously close up detail. As he works his fingers in and out of Johnny’s ass, finger banging him hard and fast, Rocco runs his free hand up and down his own shaft, preparing to be inside him. He wants to penetrate that tight hole so bad, and he wastes no time making it happen.

In the doggy position, from underneath, on his back; he fucks his sexy plaything in as many ways as he can think of, and the bed springs groan and whine beneath their momentum. It is fair to say that the guests in the adjoining rooms are probably not getting much sleep tonight due to all the gay male sex that is going on.

There are two superb culminations to this scenario, which is another impressive offering from this sex site. It climaxes with a return to the hotel receptionist, and his reaction to the scene in the bedroom. We can only wonder at the mess he might have made behind that desk.

Topher DiMaggio and Johnny Rapid at Str8 To Gay

Have you ever managed to get one of your straight mates to have sex with you? Or have you even managed to get a gay guy to have sex with you knowing that he didn’t really want to, to start with, but once you’d done enough persuading he kind of gave in and let you? There’s a really nice moment in this movie from Str8 To Gay when Johnny Rapid is watching his straight buddy Topher Di Maggio stroking his dick right next to him and you know he is desperate to get a hold of it. But he can’t, for fear of sending his horny and very hot friend straight Out The Door.

It starts off with the two of them hanging out, Topher telling us about his wife and feeling horny and then his gay friend (and he knows he’s gay and is cool with that) suggests they watch some of the roommate’s straight porn. It’s actually bi porn and so there are guys involved. Topher puts up this very believable resistance and is not at all sure about it. He wants to go home and he keeps saying so, but Johnny manages to tempt him and the porn goes on. Then Johnny gets his very impressive dick out and starts stroking it; Topher is trying not to look at it and really wants to get home to finish himself off but, as his gay buddy says: if he really wanted to leave he would have gone by now.

Thankfully he stays and before long Rapid offers him a blow job, Topher DiMaggio at is still not sure but once his friend goes down on him, well, he’s hooked. I was hooked right from the start as these two guys are so believable and act exactly as my straight mates used to when I was trying to do just what Johnny is doing. I didn’t get as far as he does though, he gets to suck Topher’s seven inches for ages on the couch while the Bi-sex porn plays in the background.

About half way through we suddenly cut to the anal action and find Johnny sitting on his mate’s cock and thrusting up and down, his own huge and flaccid cock slapping about. He loves getting drilled by his straight mate as you can hear and it looks like Topher is pretty into it as well, I mean, he’s straight so a hole is a hole, right? Johnny gets well fucked by his hot buddy, all the way through to the end when the guys finally cum over each other just as the porn video in the background reaches its climax, which is a nice finishing touch to an excellent thirty minute scene. Check out more at the website:

Repeat Offender with Johnny Rapid And Rafael Alencar

It appears that the high-quality gay porn site, Drill My Hole is starting another series of exclusive hardcore gay porn videos. This latest video is titled Repeat Offender and stars Johnny Rapid and the sexy hunk from Rafael Alencar and his massive cock.

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The first scene begins with Johnny being processed in jail by a muscular and stern guard. He’s instructed to get out of his orange jail uniform and prepare to get washed. As he strips down, the movie enters into a flashback about a previous incarceration where Johnny is in the shower and Rafael enters and begins lathering his boy’s cock with a bar of soap without even asking permission. Johnny’s cock gets stiff and hard immediately, so Rafael jacks it rapidly with his right hand and slides his left hand around and inserts his middle finger straight up Johnny’s tight little asshole.

Johnny’s ass cheeks tighten up and he lets out a small yelp as the unexpected finger is forced up his asshole without warning. Rafael pushes his finger gently but firmly all the way inside Johnny Rapid ( preview 100 of his movies at – best fan blog)hot ass and moves it around to loosen it up and prep it for his massive and stiff man meat. He then stops stroking Johnny’s stiff, pulsating cock and pushes him to his hands and knees. With Johnny on all fours now, Rafael sticks his cock all the way down Johnny’sthroat until he gags and saliva rolls from his chin.
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